What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is the ‘Sport of Fitness’ dedicated to the development and improvement of educated fitness.

CrossFit is a precise fitness which can be measured, observed, repeated and evaluated. CrossFit is a fitness that sees constantly varied functional movement executed at a high intensity, which athletes all over the world use, whilst remaining universally scalable to facilitate for all levels of ability.

No aspect of functional movement is more important than ones ability to move large loads over long distances quickly.

CrossFit is derived by its relativity to everyday activities. CrossFit is designed to prepare its athletes for obstacles we may face or may not face on a daily basis.

“Our speciality is not specialising” We endeavour to help you acquire the skills, ability, strength and endurance to be ready for anything; this is achieved through new and different workouts everyday which eliminates plateaus and boredom commonly found in traditional training programs.

Exercise performed at high intensity is proven to be the most effective way to exploit positive changes in performance and body composition.

CrossFit is designed to facilitate for all abilities, ages and genders regardless of ones experience and exposure to fitness. A 70 year old grandmother and a soldier’s workout should vary by degree, not kind. The load and intensity can be scaled to meet the needs of any individual.

They are friendly, professional and work with the utmost integrity. I’m feeling the absolute best I’ve felt in years.
— Pene Burns