Membership and fees

We recommend you attend as much as required, to stretch yourself. For some this is 8 sessions p/week and others it is 3. The more consistent the better your results and the more value you get for your investment into your health.

Courage Plan

$62.40 per week

Limited 3 x p/w
$57.20 per week

$39.20 per week

Unlimited Spouse*
$49.92 per week

Limited Spouse*
$45.76 per week

Casual Options

5 Class Casual Adult
$120 upfront

Personal 1:1coaching
$90-150 per session (trainer dependent)

Drop-in Classes

$70 per week

Drop in session

Travelling CrossFitter
$30 per session or
$70 per week


All pricing is subject to change. *All courage plans – require 60 days notice to exit. **Studying Full Time at College or University.

In advance by monthly Direct Debit (via Ezidebit NZ Ltd). Fortnightly options are available

Notice to cancel in writing (email) 60 days prior to next scheduled monthly payment. Kids & Teens: 14 Days notice

Membership Holds are not permitted for holidays or breaks. Injuries will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Holds are 1, 2 or 3 months, require 7 days notice + $30 processing fee. All other circumstances require standard cancellation of membership policy

We offer a discount to a spouse only (under the same roof & immediate family) joining us at Maia CrossFit for as long as there is a full paying (1st) member. Discounts do not apply to the Maia Crossfit Youth Programmes (Kids & Teens)