Get Started at Maia



Almost anyone can do our classes. Our coaches are highly qualified experts and practitioners of fitness each having a passion for adapting the workout to suit your current fitness level.

And by the way, at Maia our purpose is to ensure our community feels safe and comfortable while working towards their goals. Like we say – there are no ego’s here – just an opportunity to get fit, healthy, lean and strong!!! 

To find out what Maia is all about book your FREE trial class right here. To experience your free trial at Maia CrossFit, book it right here. Upon booking, you will receive your own coach to take you through the workout of the day, with the class, so you can experience what a true Maia CrossFit class is like. 

Your personal coach will assess your ability and offer modifications if required. For this session, you will show up a little earlier than usual to understand the expectations, do some goal setting, and run through the culture of Maia.